November 2010 Top Class Actions and Legafi Newsletter
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Hello Sydney in AZ!

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In This Issue:

Latest Settlements: These class action lawsuit settlements just opened.

Closing Soon: These settlements will be ending soon. Submit your claim or miss out!


Update from the President: What’s going on @ TCA and Legafi and lawsuit updates.

Class Action Investigation: Attorneys are looking for potential clients who used these products!

Latest Lawsuit News

The lawsuits below have recently been covered in Top Class Actions Lawsuit News, Top Class Actions Open Lawsuits or Legafi News.


• New Car Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – If you purchased a new car from 2001 – 2006 you may be able to get cash back in this lawsuit.

•Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – Clorox toilet bowl cleaner class action lawsuit pays out up to $175.

•Paycheck Fairness Act Fails to Pass – Act’s failure may hurt protected classes based on race and sex.

•Kellog’s Frosted Mini-Wheats Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – Kellog’s Frosted Mini-Wheat class action lawsuit settlement puts up to $15 in your pocket.

•AT&T Mobility Tax Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – The AT&T Mobility Tax Class Action Lawsuit refunds certain fees charged as “taxes” on your AT&T Mobility bill.

•ExtenZe Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – We break down how to claim cash or up to $176.94 in NASCAR related merchandise in this class action lawsuit.

Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Help!

Get help with your bankruptcy questions or personal injury questions from a local attorney now!

Closing Soon

The lawsuit settlements below are ending soon. Make sure to submit your claim NOW so you don't miss out.

Capital One Payment Protection Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – Closes 12/31/2010

Lowe’s Dryer Install Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – Closes 12/18/2010

Nissan GT-R Transmission Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – Closes 12/31/2010

Class Action Investigations


Are you, or were you, insured by Kaiser Permanente? If so check out the Kaiser Permanente Charged More Than Deductible Class Action Investigation.


Do you work in a call center and feel you were wrongly terminated in California? The Call Center Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Investigation may be able to help.


Did you receive a call or text message from a debt collector on your mobile phone? Please read about the Debt Collector Calls to Mobile Phones Class Action Lawsuit Investigation.


Are you a nurse? Did you know you may be due Overtime at a higher rate that you’re currently being paid? Check out the Nurse Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit Investigation.

Update from the President of TCA

I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving! It was our first Thanksgiving with beautiful baby Aubrey and we loved it. My oldest daughter Sydney who is two also had a good time but it was more about the apple pie and time with the grandparents than turkey!

We have had another banner month online. The Verizon Wireless ETF Settlement checks arrived, I got mine, did you get yours? Make sure to leave a comment on the page and let us know!

There were also a number of other notable lawsuits this month. If you’re on Facebook, then you may be interested in the Facebook Friend Finder class action lawsuit. It’s says that Facebook should pay you every time they show your picture to people telling them to use Friend Finder. What do you think? Should you get paid for Facebook advertising your likeness to help build their business or are you just happy to have the free exposure? Leave a comment on the Facebook Friend Finder class action lawsuit page and let us know!!

Many more class actions are being added this month. Please make sure to hit us regularly so you don’t miss out. We hope you have a very safe and Happy Holidays from everyone at Top Class Actions!

Warm Regards,

Scott Hardy


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