Kirby Vacuum Employees File Class Action Lawsuit
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Kirby Vacuum Employees File Class Action Lawsuit

By Matt O'Donnell


Kirby vacuum company
(LEGAFI) -- High-end vacuum cleaner company Kirby Co. has been hit with a federal class action lawsuit for allegedly promising desperate workers sales jobs of $500 to $800 a week, and then paying them as little as 40 cents an hour for 70-hour work weeks.  

According to the Kirby vacuum class action lawsuit, the company recruited job applicants to work for them by “fraudulently misrepresenting their business and the terms and conditions of employment” by, among other things, promising to pay them $500 to $800 a week and falsely describing the work as a management-training program. 

“Not only did defendants fail to pay $500 per week, they paid only a fraction of the amount owed by law,” the Kirby class action lawsuit states. 

One of the named plaintiffs claims he was paid $85 for three weeks of work at 70 hours a week. Another plaintiff received $200 for three weeks of work, and a third made just $25 for four weeks of full-time work, according to the class action lawsuit. 

"Low-wage workers are facing desperate times, and Kirby monopolizes on that by lying to them, stringing them along, and ultimately paying them nothing for their work. By the time these workers figure out they have been scammed, they have worked hundreds of hours for free. Many of them wind up penniless."

The Kirby class action lawsuit goes on to say that despite not receiving the money they were owed, the employees continued to keep working for Kirby because they believed “that promised pay checks, bonuses and prizes were around the corner. But as defendants knew all along, nothing was around the corner.”

As a result, the class action says, “plaintiffs and other employees, hoping to earn a living during hard times, held on until they were either broke or figured the business for a scam.”

Plaintiffs in the Kirby vacuum class action lawsuit are seeking damages for unpaid wages and overtime, plus liquidated damages to be determined at trial.



Updated July 25th, 2011

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#1 Mike Norling Jr. 2013-06-05 04:28
How do I get involved with this suit ? I recently had to quit Kirby for all of the above. I also know multiple people with first hand experience with this horrible scam

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